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    List of URLs + PageRank

List of URLs + PageRank + Class C IP
This function displays PageRank for a list of URLs you have specified

Example below shows PageRank for a list of URLs.

The first part of the report (General) displays a summary: 1 URLs have PR 8 et 2 URLs have PR 7...

Second part of the report (Get PageRank) displays details: Results are listed per PageRank.

You can save the report as an HTML file.

You can export results to CSV if you want to use Excel, Access...

You can save .prw file if you want to keep data or if you need to run your report later.

You can email the HTML report from PR Weaver, using Internet Explorer

PR Weaver brings you a version of Tabbed Browsing (Opera and Firefox use Tabbed Browsing). Tabbed Browsing makes it much easier to keep track of several pages or sites at once by letting you view them within a single browser window. It's easy to navigate between tabs - just click on a tab to view the page.

Other features of PR Weaver:

Google results + PageRank + Class C IP
PR Weaver offers something every SEO can find invaluable: PageRank results plugged right into the results. If you're a SEO and you are targetting keywords for search engine placement, you'll be able to see the PageRank of all your competitors in a single search.
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PR Weaver finds web pages that may become new backlink. Ideally backlinks are web pages with high PageRank, with content like yours and that already link to other web pages (not necessarily web pages that are already backlinks of your competitors)
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Advanced search

Google backlinks + PageRank + Class C IP
PR Weaver analyzes backlinks for a web page. It displays the list of URLs that link to this web page with PageRank.
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PR Weaver retrieves the text of the backlinks and gives you an analysis of the terms used in the link text (anchor text) and alt text (Alt Img text) pointing to your site. You can also filter internal backlinks (backlinks from the same domain or sub-domain)
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PR Weaver can be extremely effective for searching competitor backlinks. As a SEO you probably know how it is important to get incoming links and quality anchor text from high PageRank pages in order to increase your Pagerank (your link popularity), and your search engine ranking. Having good backlinks is great for two reasons: For your search engine ranking and for the targetted traffic that the links themselves bring.


PR Weaver complies with Google's terms of service
PR Weaver software complies with Google's terms of service: Each PR Weaver user must use his own Google API key and install Google toolbar on his PC.

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